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Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition- Evaluation and Certification Process

About Evaluation for Certification:
All coaches, to be certified in NCCP competition-stream contexts (e.g. Introduction to Competition) are required to successfully complete an evaluation process. The Ready to Race! Introduction to
Competition evaluation has three parts:

(a) Successful completion of the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) on-line evaluation at the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) website:http://www.coach.ca/elearning-s13846&language=en

(b) Completion of a Portfolio of written work based on the content of the Ready to Race Introduction to Competition learning workshops, which is then reviewed by an Evaluator.

(c) Completion of a final evaluation. This may be done at a competition, or by completing an on-line evaluation developed by CC.

Process for On-line Evaluation
1. The coach applies for evaluation by emailing kathy.dufour@cyclingcanada.ca with their NCCP number.

2. Cycling Canada (CC) will confirm the coach has completed training and is eligible for evaluation.  This means the coach must have the “trained” status.

3. When eligibility is confirmed, CC will send the coach the Ready to Race! Portfolio (electronic or hard copy) and login information to complete the online evaluation.  Coaches must complete two disciplines of the online evaluation in order to achieve the certified status.

4. CC will appoint an approved evaluator and provide his contact information to the coach. The coach sends his/her completed Portfolio to the designated evaluator. The evaluator may either rate the portfolio complete and return it with comments (successful result) or rate it incomplete and return it for revisions. In this case the coach has 30 days to make the changes and have the Evaluator rate the Portfolio “complete”.

5. When the Portfolio work is rated “complete” by the evaluator, and when the coach has achieved a successful MED result, he/she may proceed to final on-line evaluation. In the final on-line evaluation, the coach completes a skills analysis exam and a coach behavior exam. Both involve the coach viewing video or pictures and answering a series of multiple-choice questions.

6. If the coach scores less than 60% on the on-line exam, he/she will be informed of an unsuccessful result by the evaluator, who will recommend specific areas for improvement (action plan). The coach will be required to re-register and attempt evaluation again. If the coach successfully completes the on-line evaluation with score between 60% and 75%, the evaluator will hold a debriefing with the coach and develop an action plan. The debriefing may be done by conference call or using a to-be-developed on-line debriefing survey. If the coach scores over 75% the evaluator simply gives the coach a memo of successful completion.

7. The evaluator now marks the successful coach as “passed” and updates the coach’s Locker Transcript.

8. Upon certification, all Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition coaches have five years to complete prescribed professional development tasks and activities to maintain certification.

What is the Fee?
The Fee is $150 for each complete evaluation. This covers the work of the evaluator in assessing the Portfolio and in conducting the on-line evaluation and debriefing, as well as administrative costs.

For any additional questions, please contact Kathy Dufour kathy.dufour@cyclingcanada.ca