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Drew Mechielsen

Name: Drew Mechielsen

Age: 18

Height: 5’6 (152cm)

Hometown: Langley, B.C.

Current residence: Langley, B.C.

Education: Graduated high school in 2015 and plan on beginning my post-secondary education in September

What age did you start cycling? 3 years old

What inspired you to start riding / racing? Living right around the corner from the BMX track and my older brother started, so I decided to copy him and give it a try as well

First bike? a blue GT micro mini

First cycling club or team? Langley BMX

Childhood hero? Samantha Cools, I always wanted to be just like her!

Career highlight to-date? that probably would be to make a few elite mains in my first year of junior while racing in the US

Favourite place to train in Canada? the Abbotsford BMX track

Favourite race? The Argentina Supercross race, the BMX fans there are unreal!

High sock or low? High socks when I’m riding for sure!

Favourite food? This beef and broccoli slow cooker meal my mom makes. But my favourite all time cheat meal is definitely pizza

Hobbies / pastimes away from cycling? Yoga! I love going to yoga, I try to make it at least once a week

Favourite place to travel or race abroad? Holland since I have family there it feels close to home for me, but also Europe in general. They have some of the best tracks in the world to train on and I love the culture.

Favourite music? I’m all over the place, it depends on what I’m doing. But training music is always something upbeat and motivating for me, I like remixes.

Favourite tv show or movie? I’m into cooking shows! You’ll almost always find me watching the food network right now.

Interesting or little-known fact about you? I’m really interested in history, I love reading books about WWI and II